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Student services and support programs

Special Education Program (SEP)

The Special Education Program (SEP) provides support to students who have been identified as having a disability. The adjustments being made to assist the student in accessing curriculum, achieving curriculum outcomes and participating in school life are recorded in an Education Adjustment Program Profile. An Individual Education Plan is also established for the student. This specifies priority goals to be achieved in a six month period.
  • Our Special Education staff provides a range of support:
    Regular class plus teacher consultation
  •  Regular class plus program support
  •  Regular class plus in class support
  • Regular class plus in class support and small group instruction

Student Learning Support 

Learning support is provided for students experiencing learning needs within the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. The school provides programs for students needing intervention and extension.  Our school programs are differentiated to meet student needs and encourage engagement and success for individual.

We currently have a Learning Support teacher who works a 9 day fortnight and several Teacher Aides who provide additional support and who are responsible for the implementation of programs under the guidance of the Learning Support Teacher.  Catering to individual need is a high priority at a Victoria Point State School.

Our Learning Support staff help facilitate aspects of the School Based Reading Program and Math Problem Solving Program. Details of this program can be located below.

Programs to support student’s individual learning needs

Reading program

At Victoria Point State School we have a school based reading program that is specifically designed to target reading comprehension. The program focuses on the following aspects of reading;

  • Phonological awareness
  • Decoding
  • Comprehension
  • Critical Literacy – analysis of texts
Using reading data all students are stream according to reading need and skills. This process enables more face to face teaching/ interactions rather than completion of tasks / worksheets. Students are able to build on their individual competencies as they endeavor to become a literate person rather than perform on assessment. Motivation is built on building a sense of personal growth.

Math’s Problem Solving

At Victoria Point State School we have a school wide Math Problem Solving program. The program is designed to explicitly teach problem solving skills and strategies from Prep to Year Seven. Students are streamed according to their abilities and lessons are designed to build upon and extend a student’s existing knowledge and understanding.
The following strategies are explicitly taught and students are given opportunity to apply these newly acquired skills within in various contexts;
• Plan (Understand, Plan, Try It and Check)
• Draw  A Diagram
• Look for a Pattern
• Act It Out
• Trial and Error
• Estimate
• Make A List
• Work Backwards
• Open Ended
• Simplify
• Look for relevant and irrelevant info

STRIVE Program

“...Perhaps the greatest tools we can give students for succeeding, not only in their education but more generally in life, is a large, rich vocabulary and the skills for using those words.”   Pikulski & Templeton (2004)
Some reading comprehension difficulties are related to poor word knowledge. Research shows that Vocabulary is the strongest predictor of reading success. We can prevent some reading comprehension difficulties by explicitly teaching vocabulary.
The School based STRIVE Program is designed to support and increase vocabulary knowledge and understanding.  Students explicitly explore and develop understanding of specific vocabulary, which will support their understanding in reading and improve the ability to communicate more effectively in speaking and writing. 
  • Chaplaincy Support

    Chaplaincy Support Program - Provided in Partnership with Scripture Union Queensland.